Sadaqa is an Islamic charitable tradition in which donors give in the cause of Allah (swt) with the intention that their offering will be invested in a cause that benefits an individual or an entire community in some way.

Zakat Foundation of America’s (ZF) allocation of sadaqa towards its various projects emphasizes efforts to empower communities to support themselves. In return, communities maintain control over their livelihood and there is little dependence on outside aid. In addition, this greatly increases the morale of the beneficiaries and sets an example for future generations of that community.

  • Food and Water: These basic necessities are provided to address immediate needs for survival.
  • Schools: Schools act as safe places for children to receive consistent education.
  • Homes: Homes provide clean, respectable and stable environments for men, women and children to be healthy and thrive while maintaining their safety and dignity.
  • Clinics: Clinics provide basic healthcare services to help maintain healthy communities.
  • Orphanages: An orphanage is a cost-effective method of supporting several orphans at once.